Tribute to the MaasArcheo Route sites

After the floods in 1993 and 1995, Limburg was again hit by extreme high water in July 2021. The capriciousness of this natural phenomenon remains a challenge for humanity. For centuries it has strongly determined the life of the residents along the Meuse and to a large extent what the landscape in our province looks like.

That is why we bring a 'tribute to the Maas' at various Archeo Route locations.


The Maaswerken in Limburg

At least 10 Archeo route Limburg sites pay attention to the Meuse as a lifeline of landscape and life, which was the case centuries before the province existed in its current form.
Archaeological research has been carried out on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat in the context of "the Maaswerken". The aim of "de Maaswerken" is to offer more space to the river, in combination with dyke improvements, so that flooding along the Maas will become a thing of the past.
The oldest traces of hominids have been found near the Maas, the first farmers in the Netherlands settled on the Limburg Maas and in the centuries that followed, villages and powerful cities arose there.

The archaeological finds therefore say a lot about our life with the river and about the transformations we have experienced over time. At each location, a link is made with the Limburgs Museum.
The Limburgs Museum offers an in-depth look at the stories by exhibiting the objects that belong to the site in real life and tel the bigger story behind them.