The Archeo Route Limburg App

Downloading the Archeo Route App

Download the Archeo Route Limburg App in a place where you can use Wi-Fi. That saves data usage on location. An internet connection is required on location. Some items of a story are retrieved on location by the app via the internet. However, most items are stuck in the app and therefore do not require data usage on location.

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App updates

The Archeo Route Limburg app is regularly updated.
Read here how you can update apps on your phone automatically or manually.

(Automatically) Updating your Andoid Apps
(Automatically) Updating your Apple Apps

Use of the app

View the manual of the Archeo Route Limburg before using the app and you know exactly how it works and what you can expect.

Tips for using the Archeo Limburg Route app

Tips for using the app

Layers of time

In the Archeo Route app you will also find information about how people lived in the period of the individual stories.

More archaeological stories

There are more locations with archaeological stories that you can discover digitally. Go to sites. There is also an overview map of all locations in Limburg.



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