The Archeo Route Limburg App

Downloading the Archeo Route App

Download the Archeo Route Limburg App in a place where you can use Wi-Fi. That saves data usage on location. An internet connection is required on location. Some items of a story are retrieved on location by the app via the internet. However, most items are stuck in the app and therefore do not require data usage on location.

Download the app for Android (Google Play)

Download the app for Apple (App Store)

Use of the App

You can turn the App on when you go to the chosen location. Make sure your GPS is on. This ensures that you are guided to the location.

Your camera will be activated a few meters before the spear. Then point your smartphone at the bottom plate of the spear. Our archaeologist will greet you.

Brief guide for using the Archeo Route Limburg app. You can download this on your phone or print it if necessary.

During the story on location

You can walk around the archaeologist during the story. You see that the bottom of the spear opens up. Bring your smartphone closer to the bottom and you will discover all sorts of interesting things from the period of the story.

More archaeological stories

There are more locations with archaeological stories that you can discover digitally. Go to sites. There is also an overview map of all locations in Limburg.

Tips for using the Archeo Limburg Route app

Tips for using the app


QR codes for a quick find of the Archeo Route Limburg app

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  • QR code Google Play app

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