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Being a tactical trading post, Roermond was a place of interest for bandits. There used to be a moat here. The townsmen wanted to protect themselves against attacks from outside the city. Therefore, canals were dug and a city wall with a perimeter of about 2985 metres was erected. After the invention of gunpowder, a system of ravines and bulwarks was built. Four large gates formed the main access roads to the city: The Venlo Gate, the Maasnielder Gate, the Kapellerpoort (Chapel Gate) (or Zwartbroek (Black Trousers gate)) and the Dubbele Brugpoort (the Double Bridge gate).

Most of the fortifications were dismantled in 1782. Around 1843, the only remaining part of the medieval city wall was demolished. The outlines of the foundations are illustrated by yellow paving.

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PLEASE NOTE: The location of the spear is on Pastoorswal opposite house number 8 in the park.

TIP: This location is part of the Roermond Archaeological experience route. You can find this route as a whole on the Archeo Route Limburg app. 

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