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The Carthusian monastery in Roermond was founded in 1376 and one of its most famous residents was Denis the Carthusian, known for his theological writings. In the 16th and 17th century, the monastery was damaged in two separate city fires and in 1572 it was plundered by William of Orange’s troops. Twelve monks and the bishop’s secretary were killed.

In 1783, the monastery was closed by the Austrian emperor Josef II and parts of the monastery, including the monks’ cells, were demolished. The remaining buildings served as a nun’s monastery for the Norbertines of Saint Gerlach. From 1840 up until 1968, the Great Seminary of the Roermond diocese was situated in the monastic complex.

Nowadays, the monastic complex is still used by the Roermond diocese. Liturgical celebrations and concerts are organised in the cloister church – which regularly opens its doors to the general public.

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PLEASE NOTE: This location is in the Karthuis city park. From the entrance just opposite Voogdijstraat 26 you walk diagonally across the path in the park. There you will find an information board and a Corten steel tile.

TIP: This location is part of the Roermond Archaeological experience route. You can find this route as a whole on the Archeo Route Limburg app. 

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