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Archeological site Kerkrade - Via Traiana

Experience the history of the Kerkrade Via Traiana on location. Download the app and come face to face with our archaeologist on location. He tells you the secret of this location via the most modern virtual techniques. It is as if you are transforming into the past.

During the construction of the Parkstad outer ring in the year 2015, archaeologists find the remains of a Roman road that was also found in Heerlen. The Via Traiana connects Aachen with Heerlen and Xanten, and is part of a road network of unprecedented scale! Travelling suddenly became faster; army troops moved at lightning speed and trade goods from distant regions came to our region. The same goes for Roman culture. And that explains, elsewhere in Kerkrade, the discovery of a figurine of a bear, in a sacrificial pit.  

NOTE: The location of the spear is located near the bench along the bike path opposite house number 100.

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Archeological site Kerkrade - Kerkrade Via Traiana
Locht 100
6465 AJ