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The crook between the river Meuse and the adjacent river Berwinne is an undiscovered area between the municipalities of Eijsden-Margraten and Belgian Voeren, where centuries of history lie in waiting to be told.
Experience the archaeological story from the time of the middle ages, that is about the immense fortress Navagne, just before the border with Belgium.
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 What are now meadows, fields and a forest run wild, was once an immense Spanish fortification with high stone and earthen walls, moats, bridges and a castle with annexes and stables, spanning over 25 hectares. It was built in 1634, two years after stadtholder Frederick Henry captured Maastricht. In 2012, a magnetometric survey was conducted, followed by geomorphological research. In addition, so-called non-destructive archaeological research was performed, also known as historic desk research. The findings range from events in the region to the ordering of materials for the construction of the fort over a period of several hundreds of years. Beyond any doubt, we can conclude that there used to be an enormous fortress here.

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