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Archaeo Route Limburg - Bolberg
Archaeo Route Limburg - Bolberg map
Archaeo Route Limburg - Bolberg
Archaeo Route Limburg - Bolberg

Archaeological site Posterholt - Motte Castle Bolberg

Experience the archaeological story of the Motte Castle in Posterholt. Download the app and come face to face with our archaeologist on location. He tells you the hidden history of the Guard House through the latest virtual techniques. It is as if you are transforming into the past. This makes you feel as if you transform into the past.

Motte-and-bailey castles were developed in the Middle Ages. Based on an artificial mound, with a stone or wooden tower, the motte was attached below to a bailey: an area containing a farm and various artisanal out-buildings. Around the outer perimeter was a ditch or moat. Only 29 mottes remain in the Netherlands, 15 of which in Limburg. 

All that survives of Bolberg’s motte here near Schuurkenshof are the ditch and hill. When the remnants of the bailey were dug over in 2011, crucial information about the origins of the castle and its inhabitants, perhaps even about the origins of Posterholt was lost. Archaeologists from Roerstreek’s historical society were only just in time to plot the contours of the surrounding ditch. Bolberg’s motte-and-bailey castle dates from the twelfth to thirteenth century.  

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PLEASE NOTE: The location of the spear is at cycle junction 59. If you want to visit the location of Motte de Bolberg, walk or cycle straight ahead into the small street "Naar de Bolberg". Turn left after about 125 metres. You are still on "Naar de Bolberg". After about 100 metres, you will see a group of trees on your right. That is where Motte de Bolberg used to be. 


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Archeologische vindplaats Posterholt - Motte de Bolberg
6061 AK