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Until the end of the 18th century, the gallows were frequently used to execute those condemned to death. In the past, fixed gallows were often found just outside the town or village, preferably on a hilltop, so the dead body could be seen from a long way away. Such a site was called a gallows hill. The manor of Neeritter had a gallows hill, too. It was situated on the Northwest side of Neeritter near the old bridge, south of the Uffelsemolen. Here, people who were condemned to death by the magistrate’s court, were hanged. The Magistrates‘ courtroom was situated on the Krekelbergplein. With the arrival of the French in 1795, the humiliating custom of exposing the bodies of the hanged, was abolished.

The spear is located near the intersection with the equestrian path and the indications of the cycle route and walking route.

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Archeologische vindplaats Neeritter - De Galgenberg van Neeritter