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Archaeological site Brunssum - medieval fortification

There is a part of the Brunssummerheide that contains the remains of a fortification from the 15th century, called the Landgraaf. Download the app and get face-to-face on site with our archaeologist. He tells you the history and the importance of this fortification through most modern virtual technology. This makes you feel as if you transform into the past.

This fortification consists of a tapered canal with two low ramparts. It is 66 t...

This fortification consists of a tapered canal with two low ramparts. It is 66 to 72 feet wide and it was meant to protect the Brabantine territory in the Land of Valkenburg from Gullik and Gelre. The canal used to be part of a fortification that extended from the marshland between Gangelt and Schinveld up to Nieuwenhagen. Throughout history, the people needed to defend their territory from intruders intending to rob and plunder. Especially during war times, the people were constantly exposed to looting and arson. A fortification was not able to stop an army, but it formed a barrier for enemies trying to get in or out. It could also buy time for the inhabitants to wait for reinforcements. The villagers used to warn each other using signal fires, couriers and chiming bells.

The Landweer is a typical phenomenon in Dutch history. Archaeological research was conducted to make it visible again. Nowadays, the Landweer is a protected national monument.

NOTE: The Archeo location can be found on the terrace of the Schutterhuske in the Schutterspark.

Information for visitors
Information is provided on several locations along the Landweer (Bouwbergstraat in Schinveld, Schutterspark in Brunssum, Brunssummerheide in Brunssum and Heerlen and in Landgraaf at the Oude Landgraaf).

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Archeologische vindplaats Brunssum - Middeleeuwse landweer
Heidestraat 20
6443 VZ