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Archaeological site Heijen/Gennep - The iron age farmers

Experience the archaeological story from the iron age farmers of Gennep. Download the app and get face-to-face on site with our archaeologist. He tells you the history and the importance of the iron age farmers through most modern virtual technology. This makes you feel as if you transform into the past.

We travel 2,500 years back in history, to the early Iron Age. Way back then, peo...

We travel 2,500 years back in history, to the early Iron Age. Way back then, people were already living here on the arid sandy soils in Heijen-De Smele!

The foundations of a three-aisled Bronze Age farmhouse were excavated here. These are marks made by the posts. Only 15 are known in the whole of Limburg, and these are the most ancient.
It is a rare find, and there is much we still don’t know. What we do know, is that this was a longhouse measuring a good 18 by 9.5 metres, comprising a living area and a stable area. It includes an inner living space with a central hearth and an opening in the roof to let the smoke out. There were 4 or 5 farmhouses and outhouses here, housing an estimated 30 farmers, who made a living faming cattle and crops. A little further on were the granaries. They cut down trees to create small wheat fields. Their intensive farming quickly exhausted the poor soil and the Iron Age farmers moved on, leaving behind sand drifts and fields of heather.

The excavation yielded finds of pottery, natural stone and flint, which can be admired at the Petershuis in Gennep.

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NOTE: The Archeo location is on the green belt near the chapel on the roundabout of the intersection of the Siebengewaldseweg / Hommersumseweg / Beltweg

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Archeologische vindplaats Gennep - IJzertijdboeren
Hommersumseweg 47
6598 MC