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Archaeological site Blitterswijck - Erf uit de IJzertijd

Experience the archaeological story of erf uit de ijzertijd. Download the app and come face to face with our archaeologist on location. He tells you the hidden history of Blitterswijck through the latest virtual techniques. It is as if you are transforming into the past.

A complete single-phase Middle Iron Age (500-250 B.C.E.) dwelling was found duri...

A complete single-phase Middle Iron Age (500-250 B.C.E.) dwelling was found during excavations prompted by the Ooijen–Wanssum regional development project. The house stood, apparently alone on what was then a plateau in the landscape, and seems to have been abandoned after a single generation. The dwelling is attested by a concentration of piles and pits, including a refuse pit containing a wealth of finds, and water holes. Various small outhouses were also found. This complete dwelling provides a better insight into how people arranged and used the area around their house in the Iron Age.

Also remarkable is that most of the Iron Age settlements excavated in Limburg’s Meuse basin are older than this site. That our ancestors preferred locations close to the river yet high and dry, is evident from the superb site dating back to the early to middle Mesolithic (8800-6450 B.C.E.). This site was found a few hundred metres to the northwest. A hearth pit and numerous burnt flint chips and hazelnut shells show that the fire would have been kept burning for a while, perhaps for a several weeks.

A kilometre further, on an old river bank along Maasweg, lies a Late Neolithic (2400-1900 B.C.E.) site, unique for the Meuse basin area. This is a Bell Beaker culture settlement, and one of the principal finds is a perfect pine-tree arrow head.

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PLEASE NOTE: The location of the spear is on the Maasweg in Blitterswijck, right at cycle junction 18.

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Maasweg, bij knooppunt 18
5863 AW
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