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Archaeological site Belfeld-Tegelen - ceramic past

Experience the archaeological story of ceramic past in Belfeld-Tegelen. Download the app and stand face to face with our archaeologist on location. He tells you about the history of this place by means of the most modern virtual techniques. It feels like traveling back in time.

The Romans introduced all kinds of innovations to make life easy and we have continued to benefit ever since. Clay and straw roofing was not for them: the Romans preferred ceramic tiles, in Latin it’s known as a tegula! 

Here on the edge of this Roman settlement they manufactured tiles and other ceramics from coarse clay, in fact this is the oldest manufacturing site in the region. They used loam and river clay from the River Meuse, and transported their products along that same river. A unique feature in Limburg is the tile’s military stamp: representing the First and Thirtieth Legion. 

During periods of peace, the army was a major builder. Emperor Trajan commissioned buildings for example, and later Hadrian too. Two building campaigns are recorded by historians, during which coarse ceramic products were made here bearing a military stamp. Tile kilns used by the Thirtieth Legion have been found in Paters Wood, further along. But legions came and went, so the production of tiles was only temporary.

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NOTE: The spear is located opposite Schoolstraat 4, at the junction of the road and a sandy path.

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