User problems with the Archeo Route Limburg app

You may receive a notification on your smartphone that your device is not suitable for the Archeo Route Limburg app. Or that your camera does not switch on when you are standing in front of the landmark.

The most likely reason for this is that you do not have an AR app on your phone. This is necessary to play Augmented Reality. The current smartphones have this feature standard on board. If your smartphone does not have this, you have to download the (Google) ARC core app.

Some older phones can not download this app. You will then receive an error message (see image below). The contemporary techniques regarding Augmented Reality require a lot of "computing power" from your mobile, so not all (older) devices are suitable. Overview of devices that work with the AR Core app.
In addition, an outdated Android / Ios version can also be reason for the AR Core app not being installed.


  • No camera on app

  • Google AR Core app