Tips for using the Archeo Limburg Route app

Battery use

The Archeo Route App works with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology. This beautiful technology makes a lot possible, but it also takes a lot of computing power from your phone. As a result, your battery is also challenged properly.
If you visit multiple locations, make sure that your battery is (almost) full.

How do I set up the camera for use with the app?

By default, the app asks if the camera is allowed to be used during installation. By agreement, this permission is granted to the app and the camera will work. If you see a black image when you are above the spearhead, then the camera is not (properly) activated.

Activate camera with Android device
Go to: Settings, Apps, Configure apps, app permissions, camera. Check whether the bar is green at the Archeo Route Limburg app. If not then shift the bar to the right.
No picture while the camera is ON.

Activate camera with I-phone
Open Settings, Privacy. Select 'Camera' and give the Archeo Route Limburg app permission to use the camera.

Use and installation problems with the smartphone

Read here what you can do if the app cannot be installed on your smartphone.

How do I turn on the GPS (location determination)?

By default, the app asks if the GPS is on. This is necessary to determine your location in relation to the spearhead. The GPS also helps you with the route to the spearhead.

Activate GPS with Android device
Go to Settings, location. Set this to "on"

Activate GPS with I-phone
Go to settings, Privacy, Location services. Set it to "on".