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Discover here the stories of antiquity, witch you can discover with the Archeo Route Limburg app on location.

On the website you read the backgrounds of the stories. On site you will experience the story in a modern way and you go back in time. This will bring you face-to-face with our archaeologist, who takes you to the stories behind the findings at that location. These stories are also shown in English. 

The up to now hidden story will come to life. What happened here and what do we learn about the past with this finding?

Where to download and how to use the Archeo Route Limburg app?


Let's go back to the time when bandits such as the infamous Bokkenrijders terrorized this region.
Download the app and get face-to-face on site with our archaeologist. He tells you the history and the importance of the findings through most modern virtual technology.
This makes you feel as if you transform into the past.

Archeological site Nederweert - Het Cachot