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Back in time, when the Romans wandered these lands! They called this place Mederiacum, and nowadays we call it Melick.
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Melick is one of the few Dutch settlements that was mentioned in the Itinerarium provinciarum Antonini Augusti, a 3rd century A.D. Roman travel guide that was updated until

the end of the 4th century.

In 17 itineraries it shows a number of places in the Roman Empire, as well as the travel distances. Among them Mederiacum. Mederiacum was situated by the Roman road from Xanten to Heerlen-Aachen, near a crossing of the river Ruhr. An excellent location to settle, which is precisely what the Romans did. 
Mederiacum was probably a Statio (a stop along a Roman way) or possibly even a Vicus (small settlement).

While digging trenches during World War II, remains of the foundations of a Roman structure were unearthed that are thought to be a Roman villa compound, now called Lorberg Villa. This may have been a Villa Rustica, a term the Romans used for a villa in the country, versus a villa in the city which was called a Villa Urbana. A Villa Rustica was the home of a gentleman farmer that consisted of several buildings. The landowner and his family lived in the main building, which was usually made of stone.

This was probably also the case for the Villa Rustica, the Lorberg Villa, because a large basalt rock was found in the soil along with pottery, coins and other Roman objects. Nearby, burial fields were discovered.  

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