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Archaeological site Lomm - Cult sanctuary

Experience the archaeological story of the Cult sanctuary in Lomm. Download the app and be face-to-face with our archaeologist on site. He tells you the hidden history of the Cult sanctuary in Lomm using the most modern virtual techniques. It's like transforming into the past.

In the Middle and Late Iron Age (400 to 12 BC) there was a cult site and a large grave field here.

The cult site was an open-air sanctuary where the dead were given their final resting place. A sacred place near the Maas. The sanctuary was only accessible from the side of the Meuse as a separation between the living and dead world. Cremation remains and charcoal have been found from about 60 graves. Grave offerings from Roman times have also been found, including a mirror for a deceased woman, and these show that burials took place here until the beginning of our era. It is one of the largest burial fields from the late Iron Age in the Netherlands.

The find was made by archaeologists prior to the construction of the flood channel (2007-2008). This is a man-made branch of the Meuse to drain water in a controlled manner in the event of an extremely high water level.

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PLEASE NOTE: The location is near Lomm beach, at the end of the Haagbeek street in Lomm. You can park your car in the parking lot at Lomm beach. There is also a cycling and walking path past the spear location.

TIP: This location is part of Ode-aan-de-Maas

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